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Ice Cream Cones 3D Printed

Ice Cream Cones 3D Printed

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The 3D printed Ice Cream Cones for pretend play are a delightful and versatile resource for children.


3 inches tall, 2.25 wide
1 cone each


Here are some ways in which they can be effectively used to promote various skills:

  1. Pretend Play: The ice cream cones are ideal for imaginative and pretend play, allowing children to create their own ice cream shop scenarios.

  2. Sensory Play with Fillers: Incorporate different fillers such as kinetic sand, playdough, whip cream, shaving cream, yogurt, rice, or other materials to create a sensory-rich experience. This encourages exploration of different textures and materials.

  3. Vocabulary Development: Pretend play with ice cream cones provides an opportunity to introduce and reinforce vocabulary related to ice cream flavors, toppings, and the overall experience of going to an ice cream shop.

  4. Motor Skills Development: Scooping and molding the fillers onto the ice cream cones involves fine motor skills, helping in the development of hand strength and coordination.

  5. Hand-Eye Coordination: Placing the fillers onto the cones requires hand-eye coordination, contributing to the refinement of this important skill.

  6. Sorting and Categorization: Use different fillers to create various types of ice cream. This can be an opportunity for sorting and categorizing activities, helping children recognize similarities and differences.

  7. Creative Expression: Children can express their creativity by designing unique ice cream creations with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

  8. Role-Playing and Social Skills: Engaging in pretend play scenarios like running an ice cream shop encourages role-playing and social interaction. This can help develop cooperation and communication skills.

  9. Counting and Math Skills: Incorporate counting by asking children to create a certain number of scoops or cones. This adds a math-learning dimension to the play.

  10. Seasonal or Themed Play: Customize the pretend play experience by incorporating seasonal or themed elements. For example, create "pumpkin spice" ice cream cones for fall or "snow cone" cones for winter.

  11. Clean-Up and Organization Skills: After play, encourage children to clean up and organize the materials, fostering responsibility and organizational skills.

  12. Language Building Through Storytelling: Encourage children to tell stories about their ice cream creations, promoting language development and narrative skills.

  13. Extension to Science Concepts: Discuss concepts related to states of matter as children explore how different fillers behave – for example, discussing the melting of ice cream or the firmness of playdough.

  14. Sharing and Cooperation: If playing in a group, children can take turns creating their ice cream cones, fostering sharing and cooperation.

  15. Customization for Individual Learning Goals: Adapt the activity based on individual learning goals, such as incorporating specific colors, shapes, or sizes to address specific developmental objectives.

Overall, the 3D printed Ice Cream Cones provide a versatile and engaging tool for play-based learning. The combination of sensory exploration, imaginative play, and skill development makes it a valuable resource for early childhood education.

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Warning: This product contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is required. (Until testing has been completed for this item)