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Playground Wood Insert

Playground Wood Insert

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Our large insert featuring a playground background is perfect for imaginative and interactive play. This insert provides a vibrant, detailed playground scene that encourages children to engage in pretend play, storytelling, and social interaction.


-Fits Large Trofast or Beright bin 
-UV Printed on wood.
-No bins or accessories are included.
-Wood is not water play safe. You can wipe clean with a baby wipe or disinfected wipe.

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Warning: This product contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is required. (Until testing has been completed for this item)

  1. Imaginative Play:

    • Figurine Play: Provide children with small figurines or toys to play on the playground scene. They can act out different scenarios, enhancing their creativity and imagination.
    • Role-Playing: Encourage children to role-play as different characters, such as children playing, a parent supervising, or a playground supervisor. This helps develop social skills and empathy.
  2. Storytelling:

    • Create Stories: Have children create and tell stories about the characters on the playground. They can describe what the characters are doing, how they are feeling, and what adventures they might have.
    • Group Storytelling: In a group setting, children can take turns adding to a collaborative story, building on each other's ideas.
  3. Social Skills:

    • Sharing and Cooperation: Use the playground insert to teach sharing and cooperation. Children can work together to create a fun play scenario, taking turns and helping each other.
    • Conflict Resolution: Role-play scenarios where conflicts might arise on the playground and practice resolving them peacefully.
  4. Educational Integration:

    • Math Activities: Use the playground scene for counting and sorting activities. For example, count how many children are on the slide or sort toys by color or size.
    • Literacy Activities: Incorporate reading and writing by having children write short stories or descriptions of the playground scene. They can label different parts of the playground and create signs or rules for play.
  5. Fine Motor Skills:

    • Toy Placement: Handling and placing small toys on the playground insert helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
    • Interactive Play: Incorporate small manipulatives like beads, blocks, or miniatures to enhance the play experience and fine motor development.
  6. Emotion Exploration:

    • Emotion Role-Playing: Use the playground scene to explore different emotions. Have children act out scenarios where characters might feel happy, excited, sad, or scared, and discuss these emotions.
    • Emotion Cards: Pair the playground insert with emotion cards. Children can place the cards next to characters in the scene to express how they think the characters are feeling.
  7. Art and Creativity:

    • Scene Enhancements: Encourage children to add their own drawings or craft items to enhance the playground scene. They can create additional playground equipment, flowers, or animals using paper, markers, and other craft supplies.
    • Seasonal Play: Change the scene to reflect different seasons or holidays. For example, add autumn leaves, snowflakes, or decorations for a festive touch.

These activities and materials help maximize the educational value of the large playground insert, providing children with interactive, engaging, and multifaceted learning experiences related to imaginative play, social skills, and creativity.