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Practically Playing Shark and Fish Wood Insert
Practically Playing Shark and Fish Wood Insert
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Practically Playing Shark and Fish Wood Insert

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Duck Duck Play in partnership with Practically Playing, featuring a shark insert for feeding fish, is a wonderful and engaging resource for children.


-Laser cut wood and UV Printed. 
-Choose between Insert only, 1 Large Insert and 10-2 inch printed fish, or 10 fish loose pieces.
-Fits Large Trofast and Beright bins 15.6 x 10.96 x 1/8
-No bins are included.
-Not recommended for water play. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

Link for extra Fish

Here are some ways it can be effectively used to promote various skills, including vocabulary, story retelling, hand-eye coordination, and more:

  1. Vocabulary Development: Introduce and reinforce vocabulary related to sharks, fish, and underwater environments. Discuss the features of the shark and characteristics of different types of fish.

  2. Story Retelling: Use the shark insert for story retelling activities. Children can create narratives involving feeding the shark and explore underwater adventures through imaginative play.

  3. Hand-Eye Coordination: The feeding activity involves hand-eye coordination as children aim to place fish into the shark's mouth. This enhances precision and motor skills.

  4. Imaginative Play: Encourage imaginative play by allowing children to invent their own stories and scenarios related to the shark and fish. This fosters creativity and storytelling skills.

  5. Fine Motor Skills Development: Handling small fish for feeding involves fine motor skills. This contributes to the development of hand strength, coordination, and control.

  6. Sequencing Skills: Arrange the fish in a sequence, prompting children to practice sequencing and ordering based on the events in the stories they create.

  7. Math Concepts: Introduce basic math concepts such as counting the number of fish, sorting them, or creating simple addition and subtraction scenarios during play.

  8. Color Recognition: The fish come in different colors, incorporate color recognition activities. Children can match or sort the fish by color, adding a visual element to the play.

  9. Collaborative Play: Encourage collaborative play where children take turns feeding the shark. This promotes cooperation, sharing, and social interaction.

  10. Extension to Ocean Themes: Extend learning by discussing ocean-related themes with the shark. Explore underwater ecosystems, marine life, and the concept of predators and prey.

  11. Customization for Individual Learning Goals: Adapt the activities based on individual learning goals, ensuring that they cater to the diverse needs and interests of children.

  12. Role-Playing and Social Skills: Engage children in role-playing scenarios related to sharks and underwater environments. This enhances social skills, creativity, and empathy.

  13. Language and Communication Skills: Encourage children to express themselves verbally during play. Discuss their choices, share ideas, and communicate about the shark and fish.

  14. Extension to Art and Craft: Enhance the activity by incorporating art and craft elements. Children can create their own underwater scenes or design fish-related art to complement the play.

Duck Duck Play in partnership with Practically Playing provides a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Through play-based exploration, children have the opportunity to develop a range of skills while having fun with the shark feeding activity.

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Warning: This product contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is required. (Until testing has been completed for this item)