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Wooden Eggs
Wooden Eggs
Wooden Eggs
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Wooden Eggs

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Using wooden eggs in play and learning activities is a fantastic idea, and it's great that you've thought about incorporating them into different themes like Easter, chickens, or farms.


-Laser cut wood and UV Printed. 
-Happy Easter Mouse-21 colored 2 inch eggs
-Alphabet sets-26 2 inch eggs
-No bins are included.
-Not recommended for water play. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

Here are some specific ways you can use these wooden eggs for educational and playful purposes:

  1. Easter and Farm Themes:

    • Arrange the wooden eggs in an Easter egg hunt setup, encouraging children to find and collect the eggs.
    • Create a farm or chicken coop scene with the wooden eggs, fostering imaginative play and storytelling.
    • Use the eggs for Easter craft projects, such as decorating them with dry erase markers, dry erase crayons, or stickers.
  2. Color Recognition:

    • For colored eggs, engage children in activities that reinforce color recognition. Sort the eggs by color or use them to create color patterns.
    • Incorporate the colored eggs into art projects, encouraging creativity and expression.
  3. Book-Themed Activities:

    • Align activities with the book "Happy Easter Mouse." Create scenarios from the book using the wooden eggs, allowing children to act out scenes or retell the story.
  4. Alphabet Eggs:

    • Utilize eggs with the alphabet for letter recognition activities. Children can match uppercase and lowercase letters or order the eggs alphabetically.
    • Hide the alphabet eggs and turn it into a letter hunt, where children search for specific letters.
  5. Beginning Sounds:

    • Assign pictures or objects to each egg with an alphabet. Encourage children to identify the beginning sound of each picture and match it with the corresponding letter egg.
  6. Spelling and Word Building:

    • Introduce simple words, and have children use the alphabet eggs to spell them out. This activity promotes early literacy and spelling skills.
  7. Math Activities:

    • Incorporate counting by placing a specific number of eggs in a basket or arranging them in numerical order.
    • Use the eggs for simple addition and subtraction activities by combining or removing eggs.
  8. Sensory Play:

    • Fill the eggs with various materials (e.g., rice, beans, or small objects) to create sensory shakers. Children can explore different sounds and textures.
  9. Matching Games:

    • Create matching games by pairing pictures with corresponding letters or colors. This enhances memory and visual discrimination skills.
  10. Fine Motor Skills:

    • Develop fine motor skills by having children open and close the wooden eggs. This can be especially beneficial for younger children.
  11. Sorting and Categorization:

    • Use the eggs for sorting activities based on attributes such as color, letter, or size. This promotes critical thinking and classification skills.
  12. Creative Writing:

    • Connect the alphabet eggs with creative writing exercises. Children can choose a few eggs and create stories or sentences using the letters.
  13. Letter Sound Games:

    • Assign sounds to each letter egg and play games where children identify the sound associated with the letters.
  14. Group Activities:

    • Engage children in group activities, encouraging collaboration and communication as they work together on various educational games.
  15. Educational Extensions:

    • Extend learning by discussing related topics, such as the life cycle of chickens or the significance of Easter, connecting the play to broader educational themes.

By incorporating these activities, you can make the most of the educational potential of wooden eggs, creating a fun and enriching learning experience for children.

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Warning: This product contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is required. (Until testing has been completed for this item)

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